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Fraud Descriptions

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  • Part 1 Part 1
    • Part 1, AYour complaint
      Description of the fraudulent activity, who committed the fraud, when the fraud occurred and where the fraud took place.
    • Part I, BYour Information
      Information of the individual entering the complaint. (You can remain anonymous.)
    • Part I, CWitness Information
      Information on an individual who has witnessed the fraud.
  • Part 2 Part 2
    • Part 2, AAttachments
      Attach a file(s) to the referral for additional information.
  • Part 3 Part 3
    • Part 3, A Who are you reporting?
      Part III, A, 1Recipient - A person receiving benefits from the State of Texas. For example, someone covered by Medicaid.
      Part 3, A, 2Provider - A person or an organization which bills the State for providing benefits or services to a recipient. For example, a Dentist.
      Part 3, A, 3Vital Records - Someone that has altered Birth, Marriage, Divorce and/or Death records.
      Part 3, A, 5State Employee/Contractor
      Part 3, A, 7WIC Vendor
      Part 3, A, 8State Supported Living Centers
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When you finish submitting your report, you will get a number.
You will need this number to contact the Inspector General(IG) for submitting additional information about your complaint.

Note the IG is NOT permitted to give updates on open cases.

Recipient waste, abuse and fraud includes:
  • Recipient General Investigations General Investigations involves suspicion of waste, abuse and fraud in food stamps, Medicaid and TANF-cash assistance programs, (e.g., knowingly misstating or concealing information in order to receive more benefits.)
  • Recipient Limited Program Limited Program includes abuse and overuse of Medicaid health benefits.
  • Recipient WIC Investigations WIC Investigations occur when false reporting of income, household number, residency and/or abuse and trafficking of benefits is suspected.
Provider waste, abuse and fraud includes:
Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • Bureau of Vital Statistics Fraud Fraud or abuse involving vital records with the Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • Bureau of Vital Statistics More Information For more information please visit Internal Affairs.
State Employee/Contractor
  • State Employee/Contractor Employee misconduct Employee misconduct involving potential legal violations against HHS system resources
  • State Employee/Contractor Waste Waste, abuse and fraud involving HHS system contractors and sub-contractor
  • State Employee/Contractor Whistleblower Act Retaliation against employees under the Whistleblower Act
  • State Employee/Contractor Fraud Fraud involving workers' compensation claimants and medical providers
  • State Employee/Contractor Other activities Other activities with a potentially negative impact on the integrity of system resources, reputation, and employees.
  • State Employee/Contractor More Information For more information please visit Internal Affairs.
WIC Vendor Monitoring
State Supported Living Centers
  • State Supported Living Centers Allegations Alleged abuse, neglect, and exploitation at State Supported Living Centers.
  • State Supported Living Centers More Information For more information please visit Internal Affairs.



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