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Internal Affairs

The Enforcement division’s Internal Affairs section performs investigation accountability of health and human services resources, programs, employees, and contractors. Through impartial investigations of complaints, internal misconduct is identified, reported and eliminated. Complaints may allege violations of criminal law or serious policy violations and may originate from the public or from within the health and human services enterprise system.

An on-line referral form is provided to the public and employees to report waste, abuse, fraud, neglect and exploitation. Direct reporting ensures every reported wrongdoing is objectively reviewed and fully investigated when appropriate.

The Internal Affairs section is divided into five functional units: Vital Statistics Investigations Unit, Special Investigative Response Unit, Program Investigations, Forensic & Research Analysis Unit and State Centers Investigations Unit.

Vital Statistics Investigations Unit
This unit investigates questionable documents used to obtain vital records including birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees. Identity thefts, frauds, and other crimes relating to these vital records are investigated when employees and others are suspected of submitting false information to obtain or alter the records.

Special Investigative Response Team
The unit was created by executive order of the Governor to provide a rapid response to emerging issues dealing with waste, abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud anywhere it occurs within the health and human services system. The unit is decentralized for efficiency.

Program Investigations Unit
This is the Internal Affairs investigations unit that investigates complaints involving misconduct by agency employees, contractors, subcontractors and vendors. These investigations may involve thefts, misuse of property, and retaliation against employees under the Whistleblower Act, fraud involving workers ’ compensation employee/claimants and medical provider, misappropriation of state funds, and other illegal activities. Internal investigations may also involve policy violations with a potentially negative impact on the integrity of system resources, reputation and employees.

The unit also investigates allegations involving abuse, neglect and exploitation at facilities licensed by Department of State Health Services and Department of Aging and Disability, including Texas youth camps.

Forensic & Research Analysis Unit
The Forensic and Research Analysis Unit (FRAU) will utilize current computer forensics technologies and equipment in collecting, analyzing, documenting and presenting computer and other digital evidence crucial to authorized investigations by the OIG and/or other Law Enforcement entities.

State Center Investigations Unit
The unit was created by Senate Bill 643 that gave the Office of Inspector General the ability to employee commissioned peace officers to assist state or local law enforcement agencies in the investigation of alleged criminal activities involving a resident or client of a State Supported Living Center.

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