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Single Audit Status Introduction
Welcome to the Single Audit Status web page. This web page is designed to notify Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) as to whether you as a sub-recipient have met the requirements per OMB Circular A-133 and/or State of Texas Single Audit Circular to have a Single Audit conducted and submitted to HHSC.

Our records indicate that your Entity may have received grants/awards from one or more HHSC agencies (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Department of Family and Protective Services, Department of Aging and Disability Services, Department of State Health Services) during your fiscal year 2014.

Local governments and most not-for-profit entities that spend more than $500,000 in total federal awards and/or more than $500,000 in total state awards are required to have an audit conducted in accordance with OMB Circular A-133 (federal) and/or the State of Texas Single Audit Circular (state).

All entities must submit a copy of their financial statements, whether or not a single audit is required, no later than nine months after fiscal year end.

In order to use this website, you must first confirm that your entity has received a Single Audit Status request letter and second, you are required to register your eleven (11) digits Texas Identification Number (TIN---i.e. 17XXXXXXXXX) before you can gain access to this system.

Please use the TIN of the entity receiving the funds and submitting the Single Audit Report. For example, if your entity’s name is “Save a Child” which is under a city or county (i.e. city of Austin or Travis County), please use the city or county TIN.

For more detailed information regarding Single Audit requirements, please visit the following links:
For OMB Circular A-133

For the State of Texas Single Audit Circular (Uniform Grant Management Standard)
(See Part IV, page 101 of Uniform Grant Management Standards)
Single Audit Status Registration Form: (Formerly known as the Single Audit Determination)

You will need to login to the system to access the single audit status form.

In order to login you must register your TIN number each year. 
Please use the form below to register.

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If you are not authorized to fill out this form, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ACCESS THIS SYSTEM

If you have any questions, contact Eddie Eke at (512) 491-4059.

Notice please send electronic copies of your Single Audit to

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