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Organizational Structure

The Office of Inspector General is responsible for investigating waste, abuse and fraud in all health and human services programs.

The Inspector General is appointed by the Governor to identify and reduce waste, abuse and fraud while striving to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness within health and human services.

Compliance Division

The Compliance division is responsible for identifying and reducing waste, abuse and fraud and improving efficiency and effectiveness. The Compliance division is comprised of two sections: Quality Review and Audit.

Enforcement Division

The Enforcement division works closely with the other divisions and sections to ensure that allegations of waste, abuse and fraud are properly investigated and program rules are followed. The Enforcement division includes three sections: General Investigations, Medicaid Provider Integrity and Internal Affairs.

Office of Chief Counsel

The Office of Chief Counsel's responsibilities include imposing administrative sanctions, damages or penalties, negotiating settlements and maintaining an effective third-party liability program. The Office of Chief Counsel includes: Sanctions.

Operations Division

The Operations division directs and guides strategic operations and planning of the Office of Inspector General administrative and budget functions including:

  • Establishing objectives, priorities, and performance standards
  • Recommending and developing policies, guidelines, and procedures for operations, administration, compliance, and enforcement functions
  • Coordinating these functions with other health and human services agencies, the Texas Attorney General, the Comptroller of Public Accounts, and other state or federal agencies as needed
  • Technology Analysis, Development & Support (TADS)

Office of Inspector General
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