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Improper Solicitation by Dentists      

The HHSC Office of Inspector General has become aware of dental clinics directly soliciting Medicaid clients. People hired by dental clinics have approached HHSC clients in the parking lots of state benefit offices or neighborhood grocery stores offering a variety of incentives, including free gift cards, pizzas and manicures, in exchange for taking their children to a specific dentist or clinic.

Offering inducements to Medicaid clients is a violation of state and federal law and is subject to a penalty of up to $10,000 per violation.  In addition, some dentists are believed to have performed unnecessary dental work on children.

To report this or any other suspected act of fraud, waste, or abuse in the Texas Medicaid program, please visit the OIG website  and click on the Report Fraud link or call 1-800-436-6184.

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