Updated provider application requirements
Provider application requirements Effective September 1, 2015, the Inspector General is required to process new Medicaid enrollment and re-enrollment applications from providers within 10 business days of receiving a complete application. IG has updated the definition of a complete application.
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Open Records Policy
As a state agency, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission has a duty to provide the public with information about its operations. Click on the link below to learn how to request open records.
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About the Texas Exclusions Database
The Office of Inspector General works to protect the health and welfare of people receiving Medicaid and other state benefits.  To help protect these recipients, OIG may prevent certain people or businesses from participating as service providers.  The people or businesses who are excluded
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Privacy Policy
This policy describes HHSC-OIG's privacy and security practices.
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Publication List
This is a list of downloadable reports and publications from the Texas HHSC Office of Inspector General.
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Welcome to IG
The Inspector General, a division of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, was created in 2003.  The IG works to prevent, detect, and pursue fraud, waste, and abuse in the Texas Health and Human Services system.  Since 2003, the IG has recovered, identified for recovery, or
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Offering Gifts and Other Inducements to Beneficiaries
The United States Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG) has issued a Special Advisory Bulletin relating to offering gifts and inducements to beneficiaries of Title XIX programs.  This Advisory from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector Gene
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IG Self-Disclosure Protocol
IG's Self-Disclosure Protocol is based on the federal Provider Self-Disclosure Protocol (SDP) found at 63 Fed. Reg. 58,399 (1998).  This Protocol is designed to provide guidance to a health and human services program provider who has self-discovered evidence of an overpayment by a health and hu
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Updated provider application requir
IG Self-Disclosure Protocol
Offering Gifts and Other Inducement
Publication List
Open Records Policy
Offering Gifts and Other Inducements to Beneficiaries
Welcome to IG