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The Office of Inspector General is initiating a series of informational postings designed to provide a better understanding of OIG's efforts in detecting, deterring, and correcting incidents of fraud, waste, and abuse on behalf of the populations served by the HHS enterprise.

As part of its provider education efforts, the Office of Inspector General now has a video that explains the investigation process, as well as the due process rights regarding overpayments and payment holds. Watch the video at OIG Provider Investigations video.
Potential scam alert
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General cautions senior Texans to be wary of ads using the phrase "Social Security 211" offering help with government benefits and services.
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Potential Scam Alert
The Office of Inspector General has become aware of a potential scam involving phone callers impersonating Texas Health and Human Services employees and asking for personal information.
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Hearing Aid Advisory and Guidance
HHSC will honor previous TMHP guidance on past claims for hearing aids. This means the Office of Inspector General (OIG) will not pursue recoupment against hearing aid providers who billed and received the maximum allowable fee according to HHSC fee schedules from July 1, 2008, through February
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Improper Solicitation by Dentists
The HHSC Office of Inspector General has become aware of dental clinics directly soliciting Medicaid clients. People hired by dental clinics have approached HHSC clients in the parking lots of state benefit offices or neighborhood grocery stores offering a variety of incentives, including free gift
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Understanding Waste, Abuse and Frau
NFUR Stakeholder Meetings
Potential scam alert
Potential Scam Alert
OIG Self-Disclosure Protocol 2013
OIG Self-Disclosure Protocol 2013
Offering Gifts and Other Inducements to Beneficiaries
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